TicketRiver.com.au Security Features

TicketRiver.com.au is aware that ticket security is a growing concern among our event ticket and raffle ticket customers. For that reason TicketRiver.com.au is constantly working to develop new security measures to make your event and raffle tickets harder to duplicate. This page contains descriptions of some of the current security and anti-fraud measures that are available on raffle tickets and event tickets from TicketRiver.com.au.

Heat Sensitive Security Paper

Has printing on one side of the ticket that is sensitive to heat. Simply hold the printed ticket in your hand or rub it to warm up the paper and the ink changes colour, verifying the authenticity of the ticket.

Micro-Print Background

All of our quick tickets (both event and raffle tickets) are equipped with a background image that uses micro text and images to create a difficult to reproduce combination. This background prints out perfectly on our printers, but is very difficult to reproduce even with today's high quality scanners and printers.

Security Back

Barcode Verification

Barcoding is available for any of our printed tickets. Our Quick Tickets come standard with the order number bar-coded onto the back of the tickets. A simple scan of tickets verifies that they are the tickets that you printed with TicketRiver.com.au and not copies made by another party.